Law Enforcement Engagement with Suspected Unauthorized UAS Operations

There is evidence of a considerable increase in the unauthorized use of small, inexpensive Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) by individuals and organizations, including companies. While the FAA retains the responsibility for enforcing Federal Aviation Regulations, including those applicable to the use of UAS, the agency also recognizes that state and local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) are often in the best position to deter, detect, immediately investigate, and, as appropriate, pursue enforcement actions to stop unauthorized or unsafe UAS operations.  The agency’s Law Enforcement Guidance for Suspected Unauthorized UAS Operations  is intended to support the partnership between the FAA and LEAs in addressing these activities.

Law Enforcement Guidance for Suspected Unauthorized UAS – Download UAS Sighting Report

• Law Enforcement Reference Card (PDF)

Sporting Events

Information regarding Unauthorized UAS operations at sporting events – including Temporary Flight Restrictions and geographic FAA contact information for LEAs – is available here (PDF).